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For the love of singing

VOCE’S mission is to celebrate choral excellence in our community and foster human connection through diverse and unique programming.

Our values:

  • Artistic excellence – Beginning with our artistic planning, to rehearsal, to performance, we strive for excellence at every level in order to authentically embody the music we sing.

  • Breadth and variety of repertoire – From Renaissance motets to vocal jazz and beyond, we enthusiastically engage with all the music we sing while also broadening the scope of our repertoire, with a focus on music from historically marginalized communities.

  • Community engagement – Though professionally-produced performances, VOCE demonstrates the power of great vocal music and the difference it can make in our community, bringing joy and fostering human connection.

  • Musical fulfillment – Every time we join our voices together we uplift each other, and we foster a positive, rigorous, and musically fulfilling experience for our singers.

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