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For the love of singing

Accomplish Greatness

Great accomplishments have been made by individuals who banded together for
a single purpose. This have marked the upward movement of human achievement throughout the centuries.


We truly believe the power of great vocal performance can make a difference in
audiences lives, touching them and ultimately fostering a human connection
at an emotional level.


VOCE’S mission is to give those who love singing an opportunity to work and perform with others who are passionate about developing their craft and giving performances that move people and enrich lives.


  • Work with talented peers – VOCE gives you the opportunity to work with other talented people who are passionate about singing and performing at a professional level.

  • Improve your craft – VOCE provides training, professional collaboration and performance opportunities to help you improve and raise your own talent and abilities.

  • Spread the joy of singing – Though professionally produced performances, Voce wants to demonstrate the power of great vocals can make a difference in their audience’s lives, bringing joy and making human connections.

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